Thursday, August 21, 2014


          During the past eight years I processed out of the military, had a child and was contently moving due to my husbands career. Through those years I attempted to go to a community gym, joined various workout groups, and participated in Crossfit. I was still unhappy with my body shape and my workout routine. After moving to Knoxville I decided to focus on getting back on track with my health and fitness. I came across Knoxville Personal Training online and after reading the reviews I met with trainer Roxy to express my needs and downfalls to “getting in shape.” Roxy took the time to help me get on a regular routine workout schedule, all while focusing on my strengths. We all have those days were our child is out of school or life gets busy, and Roxy was always willing to work around my schedule and allowed my son to attend sessions when needed so that I could always stay on track. She varies my workout route so that I do not get burned out and makes sure my whole body gets a workout instead of just focusing on one area. Roxy encourages eating healthy, has great recipes, and motivates you to push through your health goals.
 If you are looking for someone to help you jump-start your fitness goals I highly recommend training with Roxy! Her knowledge on personal training, exercise, and healthy eating is amazing.  I say if you are looking for a personal trainer and want to see results you should step out of your comfort zone and contact Roxy to see how she can help you!

Karen P.

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